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February 14, 2024

Jeepers creepers! Where has the year went, its valentines day already?! 

I don’t know about you guys but this new year seems to be speeding by at breakneck speed. Its been a good year lots of exiting opportunities and a busier than ever show schedule planned. Perhaps we can meet in person this summer! 

But back to valentines day, the day we are required to show love – even if we haven’t been showing it the rest of the year! Hahahaha! Just kidding. 

This Valentines I got to be a part of a more meaningful Valentine’s day tradition. A lady contacted me about making a custom batch of soap for all of her clients that are widows. She told me that every valentines day she gives all of the ladies who may not receive a valentine from anyone else, a little gift. I jumped at the chance to be a part of something so kind and wholesome.

I love making custom soaps it gives me a chance to really tailor a soap to meet the needs of the the specific client. Its a chance to get to do something different and creative. For this gig I had to work with the two specific requirements. 

1. Soap had to have hearts designs

2. Had to be moisturizing for mature skin 

I jumped at this task as fast a man jumps to conclusions after noticing a missing tool! 

I like to use water color paints to paint some different design options for the client. My art skills are very limited but its not too much of a problem because the designs that are possible in soap are also two dimensional. he~ he~  Think preschooler shapes and colors and you get the extent of my abilities 🙂  In spite of that my client and I came to an agreement on a design of stacked hearts. 

Then I was free to formulate the base of the soap. I used my trusty nine (a blend of Olive, tallow, Coconut etc.) I use these oils in all of my soaps because they provide the foundation of a luscious bar that lathers like new love and puppy kisses.

Then I added some rock stars for extra pizazz…

Argan= This is the Meryl Streep of skin care; it can play any part. Moisturize, heal, inflammation, anti-ageing, protects from sun

Babassu= Like Julia Roberts, babassu just makes you feel better. A powerful natural Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Hemp= Come on! you know its the bomb right now, soooo moisturizing!  

Black Cumin Seed= Diminishes fine lines, fights acne, unclogs pores and fades dark spots without even trying hard. 

Neem Oil = this stuff is not an oil its a medicine (This statement has not been approved by the FDA! haha) 

Then as if that wasn’t enough going on in a soap I decided to add some citric acid. Wait! Don’t get excited and think you can throw out your vitamin C cream. When you put citric acid into soap it reacts with the sodium hydroxide and becomes sodium citrate, which helps make bigger bubbles, reduces soap scum, and makes a harder bar of soap which means you get to use it longer! 

Well begun is half done, so with the plan in place the soap was made and cured without a hitch. 

What do you think of the cute little bags that we put them in for the customer? 

Comment below and let me know what you think, would you try this soap? Or is there too much going on?

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